A New Reign

P r o l o g u e | R e n e g a d e
A New Reign
The black linoleum stage reflected a certain type of pride and a delicate sense of renewal.
Silence was like a grenade on the hoards of people, bound to explode and cause destruction at a loud volume. Even the gowns, uniforms, and everyday clothes stood still, barely rattling in the afternoon breeze.
The podium stood at the head of the stage, the same shiny black color that looked like you could eat off of it; a man stood behind it, short with his hands linked in front of him, swaying on his feet.
His shoes clicked as he took two smiling steps to the microphone, but his stature revealed an experience in the limelight.
“Today,” breath and glance at the groups of people that look at him in anticipation, his grimacing eyes soaking up all the attention he will get today and all he will get from the future,” today is the day we introduce a new ruler. In the bloodline from Princess to Queen, many responsibilities carry over and even more added on. Only one can fill this position, there can only be one Queen. This day will live on in virtue, the reign of Queen Nerva!”
His hand was lowered in a bow and swept behind him, his body turning into it, gesturing to a woman that was barely in her adult years, his new Queen.
Her wavy blonde hair mixed with long, black tail feather earrings that entranced her neck to the middle of her back. A dark emerald green covered all her fragile frame with multiple strips of cloth making a belt-like formation at her waist, a shawl from elbow to thigh, three threads out of place.
Her shadow black makeup made her nervous blue orbs stand out, starting from the man at the podium to her subjects. Her pale complexion becoming more and more obvious, step by step.
“I may look different without the robes and crown; I come here not just a humble man, but a leader, and i am only asking you not to look for perfection. Dont take me out of duty but if the one you see before you is one you’d stand beside.” The strength and the ability in her words radiated from the microphone to the people, sending them into applause and joy and celebration, the five kingdoms colors crackle in the air like fireworks.
If it had been any other day, the lack of order could and would only be seen in an asylum, but today was the coronation of a new Queen, only twenty-five.
It was only fitting that her pearly white teeth glistened as she looked at her approving citizens, her eyes grinning and sparkling in the light of the day. But the time when she had to leave soon came, ushered off the stage by Royal Guards, unable to stay, unable to hear the introducer smile, “A new reign.”